Jake Murray

Jake Murray is an award-winning freelance film and theatre director with over 30 years experience working all across the country. He started writing for screen and TV over a decade ago.

He has several projects under option, including an eight-part supernatural/ horror drama set in modern London, ‘Cassie’, and two features and ‘The Dead Of Jasra’, a zombie film set during the Iraq War.

He has just completed two feature-length pilot episodes of an epic, GoT in space-type  Sci-Fi epic for TV,  ‘Olympus’, with producer Paul Blacknell, and has an impressive catalogue of scripts, including features ‘Blood Red’, a werewolf drama set in modern day Manchester, ‘The Reign Of Samael’, a Nazi occult horror drama set in 1938 Berlin, ‘The Chase’, an urban thriller set in Northern England about the Far Right, and two titles based on true stories, Devil’s Run, set in present-day war-torn Syria, and Belibaste, a historical drama of heresy and treachery in France and Spain in the Middle Ages. He is currently working on two more TV ideas, ‘The School Of Night, an swashbuckling supernatural adventure about Shakespeare set in Elizebathan London and ‘The Rose Of Time’, a 19th Century time-travelling drama set in a world adjacant to our own.

Jake has directed two short films, ‘Sorrow’, which he also wrote, and ‘The Visit’ starring Cal MacAninch and James Quinn which won Best Short Film at the Liverpool Shorts Independent International Film Festival in 2023.

Jake lives in Durham, England and is AD of his own theatre company, Elysium TC (www.elysiumtc.co.uk)