Glen McCoy

Glen McCoy started out writing film scripts for small independents when he was 20 with two productions Where are you going, Simon Jones? and Ricochet. However it was seven years later before he began writing for television with the successful BBC medical drama Angels coinciding with getting his first book published entitled Ambulance! in the 1980s.

He was subsequently asked by Tony Holland and Julia Smith at the BBC to be part of the original writing team to launch their new series EastEnders. One of Glen’s early episodes became iconic featuring the rescue of ‘Angie Watts’ by an ambulance crew after a suicide attempt with over 20 million viewers at that time. After a break for a few years, he returned to the show again in 1999. In 2000 the EastEnders writing team enjoyed the shared success winning the BAFTA award for Best Soap.

Glen has also been commissioned for 12 episodes of Emmerdale over the years and a story for The Bill. Though his greatest love was creating original characters and a story for Doctor Who which also included a novelisation Timelash and a more recent commission as part of the Big Finish publication The Centurions.

Unusually, Glen’s writing has also taken him into the realms of the business world and he was asked to write a mini soap for Vodafone for internal use. At the same time he was asked to devise and create the words for their retail team to use with customers in all their UK stores. This project won a Vodafone award and it led to a similar project in the Caribbean with Digicel. Similar projects followed with Dixons and their equivalent in the Ukraine.

Glen has created many corporate scripts over the years for a variety of well known brands including The Home Office and more recently he’s been asked by ITV for original training content.

His business books are varied such as Extraordinary Customer Care, Guerrilla Coaching and Power Presenter with additional articles in various magazines like Harpers.

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